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Monday 11 April:
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How to use Ecospecifier

Ecospecifier  is a knowledge base of over 6000 eco-products, materials, technologies and resources. The leading global source of sustainable,  life-cycle assessed green product information including global and national general products and certified and building rated products. Linking independent information with a powerful search interface, Ecospecifier assists with materials research for homeowners and professionals alike, delivering innovative sustainable product solutions. Ecospecifier promotes all eco products globally and nationally and specialising in categorising products according to rating scheme compliance such as Green Star and BASIX.  Ecospecifier helps reduce the time and costs of researching the world best sustainable products.

Below is a video (accessed from You Tube 23/7/2012) which shows you how to search for products in Ecospecifier.

6,000 online courses. The library has high quality, engaging video tutorials taught by industry experts which can be viewed on desktops and mobile devices.

National Construction Code 2016

National Construction Code (NCC, BCA and Plumbing Code)

NCC 2016 Free Online Access
You can register for free access to the 2016 edition of the National Construction Code (NCC).

Registering your details will ensure you are kept up-to-date with NCC amendments or changes. By registering you gain immediate access to the NCC 2016 Volumes One, Two, Three and the Guide to the BCA, along with a new stand-alone document that extracts the Performance Requirements of the NCC.

NOTE: Each individual, students and staff, who want to use the NCC need to register to gain access. Free access is from 1st May 2016.

To register via the ABCB use website home page.

The NCC Performance Requirements are the only legal requirements. To find out more, visit the NCC a performance based code web page for further information and guidance material.

Please note, the ABCB is no longer printing hard copy versions of the NCC, instead you will now have the option of printing the complete NCC set or individual volumes from the freely available digital download files provided in A4 format.