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Sydney TAFE buildings historical photo

TAFE NSW Heritage Collection: Randwick College History


Randwick History

Randwick College 1967
Randwick College 2016

TAFE NSW Randwick is located on the corner of Darley Road and King Street, Randwick in Sydney on the site of a former tram depot. It was officially opened on the 30 May 1967 by the then Minister for Education, Mr C.W. Cutler, to provide a large technical education facility for the densely populated Eastern Suburbs.

Prior to this the only courses offered in the Randwick area were plumbing and allied trades at the Avoca Street Annex.

At the opening ceremony it was emphasised by the minister that ‘the need for meeting the changes brought about by new discoveries and new demands means that technical education has an important task to perform’.

Stage one of building works involved the construction of a new seven storey building at a cost of $980,096, providing teaching facilities for students in art, business, fashion, and hairdressing. Its flat roof was designed to provide a space for open-air art classes, taking advantage of the views over Centennial Park.

The second stage was completed in 1970, with the addition of a library, and a trade block providing apprenticeship training for students in applied electricity, fitting and machining, carpentry and joinery welding. The College became state headquarters for training in plumbing, drainage and bricklaying.

It also became the Centre for Design Training, attracting students Australia-wide and overseas with a focus on fostering local talent.

Stage 3 building works in 1972 provided additional facilities to offer students courses in dental studies, matriculation studies and management. At this time English classes were increased to meet the needs of a growing number of non-English speaking students.

In 1972 the Avoca Street Annex was closed.

Image source: EREBOS Journal of the National Art Student’s Club. VoI 1 No 1 (1967)

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