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Job Preparation & Careers

Sydney TAFE CareersConnect 

Careers Connect is a job vacancy and career skill development service for current Sydney TAFE students and recent graduates. Job vacancies are listed by employers wanting to employ current Sydney TAFE students and recent graduates.

Careers Connect officers can provide advice on structuring your resume, writing applications and addressing selection criteria. You can also talk to our counsellors about calming interview nerves, goal setting, career planning and other employment-related concerns.

TAFE NSW Counselling and Career Development Service

TAFE Counsellors provide a free and confidential counselling and referral service, for career, study and personal concerns.

Job searching and careers websites

Cover Letters

Your cover letter introduces you to the employer and shows your written communication skills. It also gives you the chance to show the employer what you know about the organisation and why they should appoint you for the position.

Cover letter do's and don'ts:

  • Keep it short, no more than one page
  • Tell why you want the position and why they should want you
  • Show you are motivated and strongly want the position
  • Focus on your most relevant skills and experiences, two or three relevant examples are enough
  • Keep the tone professional but personable, avoid long formal sentences
  • Try to write to the person who will receive the application -rather than sir/madam


Interviews are used by employers to learn about you, your skills, personality, general abilities, and whether you will fit into their team or organisation. It is also a means for you to find out more about the position and the organisation and whether it suits your personality, skills, and career goals.

Interview do's ;

  • Dress in a professional conservative style
  • Do practice answering various questions, in front of a mirror, with family or anyone who will listen
  • Give clear answers that are to the point
  • Arrive 15 minutes early, so you can relax before the interview
  • Know your resume so you can answer questions readily
  • Make eye contact, keep good posture, smile
  • Do ask questions when given the opportunity


Interview dont's

  • Don’t answer questions with a simple “yes” or “no” answer. Give good responses and explain yourself where possible by referring to relevant examples from your experience.
  • Don't ask for comments on your performance
  • Don't fidget and wave your hands
  • Don't over answer questions


Selection Criteria

A selection Criteria document addresses a list of the essential and desirable skills, personal qualities, abilities and education which an organisation may ask to submit for a job application. A selection criteria document is separate from a resume' and cover letter and is required especially in Public Sector roles. Applicants who are able to successfully demonstrate that they meet each of the selection criteria will be offered an interview.

Addressing Selection Criteria

  • make a separate heading for each criteria
  • address each one in a paragraph or two
  • give examples from your studies, employment or extra-curricular activities to support your answer
  • proof read to make sure there is no spelling or grammar mistakes

Resume Writing

A resume is a short professional document that provides information about your qualifications, skills and experience and shows the employer that you have what they are looking for.

Your resume should include: 

  • contact details
  • education and qualifications
  • employment or work history
  • professional membership
  • achievements
  • volunteer work
  • extra-curricular activities
  • referees


Resume Writing Tips

  • use dot points
  • consistent headings, formatting, font
  • keep the layout clean with plenty of white space
  • keep it short, no more than two pages
  • tailor your resume for the job you are applying for
  • only include information that clearly shows the skills the employer is looking for
  • proof read making sure there are no spelling and grammatical errors





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