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Presentation Skills

How people learn:

  1. Visual: teaching aids (slides, video, diagrams, charts, documents etc), gestures and movement, eye contact and facial expressions, appearances.
  2. Audio/listen: When someone focuses on the words. Voice (tone, volume), be precise/concise, keep it simple, do not use fuller words eg. Like, um, 
  3. Doing: use exercises that relate, be energetic, participating in discussion, handling objects.

Build a rapport with your audience: eg use examples that relate, make them feel inclusive.

Language: try to use visual language, stories, examples.


PowerPoint Presentations:

  • Try to sum up in one sentence
  • Try to appeal to the subconscious mind
  • Do not to rely on PowerPoint slides. Have the focus on you. People can not read and listen at the same time.


Practice, preparation and structure

  • Have a WOW factor: what’s in it for me/them???
  • Have a human interest: try to give universal examples, inclusive language, keep it simple, try to put it in human terms, try to meet their needs.



  • Should be a summary or supplement to original presentation
  • Should be given at the end – as audience will turn to handout instead of listening to you

Engaging speaking and delivery

  1. Belief
  2. Energy
  3. Enthusiasm
  4. Stance
  5. Eye contact
  6. Facial expression
  7. Gestures
  8. Movement
  9. Vocal variety



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